Total Supply: 690,000 PRON
Uploaded Videos: 46691
Registered Users: 24749
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PronCoin is an adult cryptocurrency that was created back in December 2017. PornCoin vision is to create an adult currency that most, if not all adult web sites and later on, even retail stores, start to use our crypto payment system and also some of our blockchain solutions that we're working on. We have already succesfully tested and lunched PronPay�. It's a payment and payout system for adult industry. PronPay� is core of everything. Through this payment system, everyone in adult industry will pay for something or get paid from, for certain services. Also check our official site: and get more info about our future plans and solutions.

Crypto world changed in 2018 a lot, so we also needed to adopt our vision and our solutions for adult industry. In October 2018, we succesfully started to test our adult tube site called PronWorld. Everyone that contributes and interact with the site, will earn PronCoins. So think of it as you're mining PronCoins, while you watch, like, comment, upload, send traffic, create playlists etc.... The more you interact and the more you contribute to the site, the more you earn.

In mid October 2018, we also received an award for best adult coin at Venus Berlin Show. Out of all adult coins we won and showed everyone that we are serious and we are here to stay. By the end of year 2018, V2 of PronWorld comes with 100% blockchain adult tube site solution. And in 2019, we are working on some next level blockchain solutions for adult industry, but we can't talk about it right now, as there are people/companies that like to steal ideas ;). So keep an eye on us or better yet, become PronCoin holder ( HODLER ) and we're sure you will track our news more.


Take the opportunity and buy PronCoins and hold them. At the end of 2019, you will have the best festive month ever.

BETA VERSION is in beta mode until end of 2018. It means that all PronCoins you earn on our platform are virtual coins that will be paid out to users, models, producers ans webmasters in EUR, ETH or BTC and are not real crypto coins. After we succesfully test every feature, we will change this and all PronCoins made on our site, will be real crypto PronCoin and everyone will be be able to transfer their real PronCoins onto their wallet or exchange it for FIAT money ( Fiat money is a currency without intrinsic value that has been established as money, often by government regulation - EUR, etc... )

PronCoin value:

PronCoin value is fixed and regulated at the moment at the price: 6.9 EUR
Every PronCoin is worth 6.9 EUR and according to that, you will see how many PronCoins you earned inside your account. When you make payout it coverts to EUR.

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