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LESSON 01: Decide What Type Of User Are You At PronWorld



If you registered at to earn some money, then first thing to do is to decide what type of user are you. We have different levels of users and also the more you are into porn, the more you can earn. You can always move to other level if you want. Anytime, for free, not charges, no payments. We are just offering you the tool to make money the way you want!

Normal registered users can earn money with several actions. The more you interact with the site, the more you can earn. So if you watch videos, like them, comment on them, how many times you get back to our site and login, etc...
IMPORTANT: so we can credit your earnings, you MUST be logged in every time!!!
Now read beow on how you can earn:

- watch, rate, comment ( videos and pics )
- login everytime & come back often ( we recommend daily - don't forget to login )
- upload your own videos ( more on rules about this here >> )
- upload sponsored videos ( sample videos with watermaks 1-15min - DO NOT POST FULL VIDEOS!!! )
- share videos and send traffic ( this is the most valuable feature for you )
- invite others to join us and get 3% from their earnings. You can earn some nice extra cash with this!
- create playlists ( you get paid for views that you send from playlists )

2. NORMAL VERIFIED USERS ( more features & exposure to earn )
Normal verified users are same as normal registered and can earn the same way as I mentioned above. The only difference is that verified user can sell own homemade porn and earn even more from other users buying those videos for certain amount of money.
Verifying is a way to show people that you are a real person. Prove your identity by posting a photo of your face with your username written somewhere. Verified accounts draw 10 times more attention from other users. THE PHOTO IS FOR OUR INTERNAL VERIFICATION USE ONLY AND ARE DELETED AFTER VERIFICATION.

How to become verified user you ask?
Inside you profile, there is a section: Verify Profile
Follow the rules:
1. Photo must show your face and your username written + PRON text
2. You can write your username + PRON on a paper or even your body!
3. Digitally modified usernames will be rejected.

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