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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:
What is PronWorld and how it works?
PronWorld is a pioneer in using adult tube platform with crypto currency and first that successfully integrated both worlds. We're the only ones that pays EVERY REGISTERED user for their interactions on the site. The more you interact with PronWorld, the more you can earn. Your earning potential is limitless. Please check our Learning School on how to earn with us and how it works.
What do I need to open account and what info you need?
All you need to do is enter your working email and pick your password. Inside your registered account you can set and secure your account even more with 2FA ( 2 step verification). Keep it safe, your earning wallet is inside. So keep your money safe!
How do I get paid and for what?
It's time that you get paid for what you love to do on daily basis. Register today, start itneracting with our site ( watch, comment, like, create playlist, upload videos, connect with others, subscribe...etc ) and you will get paid for that. Each interaction gets you different amount, but sooner or later you will figure out what brings you more ;). You get paid in PRONCOINS´┐Ż that is valued at fix price of 6.9 EUR at the moment. You can spend that money on our site or withdraw it. Right now you can withdraw on to ETH, BTC or fiat money USD.
PronCoin is a crypto currency build on ERC20 platform. Crypto currency is perfect for adult porn world. Crpyto opened totally new dimensions and now we can pay instantly 10000 of users to their wallet, with low fees and no need for verifications of your address or anything. Do what you love to do, get paid, and withdraw money the way you like the most. Convert your PronCoins to other crypto currencies or FIAT money and enjoy! You could never do that before!
Do I need to create account to start making money?
YES. We cannot track your interactions, unless you are registered user with us. Also, you need to be logged in, to get paid for your interactions. So if you visit us and you are not logged in, you don't get paid for your actions. So login every time, or let our system save your info and on your next visit, you are logged in already ;).
Is there a wallet integrated with PronWorld?
Yes. Every registered user gets integrated ERC20 wallet that cannot be changed. But you can withdraw your PronCoins to any other prefered ERC20 wallet (example: MyEthWallet )
Do you hold privatekey to my wallet on
NO. Integrated wallets are created by system, you get all the info to your email. We hold your PronCoins until you reach your minimin payout. After you reach your minimim payour and claim your PronCoins, system will send them to your wallet.
What is my minimum payout?
Minimum payout is set to 1000 PronCoins at the moment. But this will change in the future. In the future you will be able to witdraw any amount of your PronCoins. Even 5 if you will own 5 PronCoins.
How do I withdraw PronCoins?
PronCoin is crypto currency, which means, you can buy or sell it on exchanges. You can withdraw your earned PronCoins from your wallet that is integrated with your account at to your ERC20 wallet. Please check with your ERC20 wallet if they support out token.
How much can I make with
It all depends on how much you want to earn. By visiting our site, watch few videos, like, comment, let's say you stayed on the site few minutes, you will earn some, but still better than nothing. If you want to make more, you need to do few things that can bring our site traffic and more views. For example, create your playlist with your favorite videos or pictures. Upload videos that you like. Shoot a video with your GF or BF and upload it. Get paid from views and other people interactions. The more you are involved with PronWorld, the more you can earn! If you want to become real money maker, then join our Webmaster, Content or Model program. These programs are made for people who work in adult industry and are the ones who influences in the adult world. You can become one of them too! Plese check our Learning School to see how to become one.
You don't have much traffic and I will not earn a lot right now! Is it worth registering and visit your site?
Actually this is the time to register your FREE account and start interacting with our site. With time you will get paid for the work you did in the past. Remember: you get paid for life. Also you get paid for refering other users to use our site. So you get 3% of their earnings. So this is perfect time to registed and start recruting new users!
Is there a chart or some specification how much we earn for certain interactions?
No. Our algo is calculating and mesuring your interactions and you get paid by the algo. We can't reveal our algo, because of possible abuse and because our algo will be adopting to user interactions all the time. But the more you interact with our site as normal user, the bettter ratio will be given by our algo. Plese check our Learning School on how to earn more with us.
Do you have toplist of users that earns the most?
At the moment no. But we're working on this. We will be listing our top 100 users from different niches, so everyone can see their public profile and maybe get the idea of how they do it. You can also connect with them and try to get some information.
Can I earn money if I use Adblocker?
Yes, you can, just not from ads. But it will lower your earnings accordingly. The site lives and everyone gets paid also from ads. So in order to be PronWorld devoted user, set your Adblocker to allow ads on We do not push a lot of ads and we do not have annoying ads anyway. So no need to block them :).
I would like to know more about your project and ICO. Where can I get more info?
As most of you know, in December 2017 we started with our ICO and successfully sold 100.000.000 PronCoins at price 0.069$. For more information please visit out page:
What is/was EARLYBIRD account and why it's FREE?
We reserved 900.000.000 locked PronCoins for early bird user accounts. 800M coins goes for normal registered users and 100M goes for Model, Content and Webmaster Program users.
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