Newsletter #1 - Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020


PRONWORLD – 23.08.2020
We’re proud to announce PRON PREMIUM MARKETPLACE is coming soon to our platform!

Premium Marketplace is a unique feature that has never been seen before in adult industry and we’re proud to introduce it on PronWorld.

Premeium Marketplace is a place, where only verified users will be able to access it. If you sent picture with your info to us and you got verified, you got qualitfied to use our unique feature PREMIUM MARKETPLACE!

At premium marketplace, you can buy a full length licensed videos with your earned Grosh tokens. The price of videos are from 69 to 134 Grosh Tokens. When you buy it, this video goes under your username at Premium section at PronWorld. That means, other users will be able to buy it from you if they would like to watch it and the sale will go udner your name. The more sales you make, the more you earn. On top of that, PronWorld will reward you with 100% bonus in PronTokens. So if you sold a video for 6,9 Grosh Tokens, your will receive 100% bonus in PronCoins....

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PronWorld Support is here

PRONWORLD – 17.08.2020

Hey Pronsters (Pron users)! Yes, we know! Support of was a bit slow in the past few months. But we sorted it out, got some great support guys to handle your questions or issues you might have around platform.We must stress out that we’re talking about support. So, anything related to the PronWorld platform, like uploading videos issues, your user account issues, please write to or use our online contact form

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We’ve been busy – in a good way

PRONWORLD – 04.08.2020
Many of you were wondering what’s going on. The server was slow, sometimes it even went off. To be honest, we are excited to let you guys know that this happened because of a huge interest in PronWorld platform. We needed a few weeks to upgrade the server, polish the script, optimize the code for next steps and for bigger loads on the site. So from now on, we can say that our scalable server plans and also good support from MojoHost, our servers are now fast and reliable.

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PronWorld In Numbers:
Pron Price Today: 128.17 EUR
Price Increase This Week: 5.43 EUR (4.24%)
Pron Price Last Week: 122.73 EUR

NEW Users This Week: 631 (+3.21%)
Total Users: 19660

NEW Videos This Week: 553 (+1.73%)
Total Videos: 31959

Treasure Box: 1.444 GROSH
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